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Jamie Lee Curtis Attended BlizzCon in Disguise


Jamie Lee Curtis Attended BlizzCon in Disguise

Award-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis surprises the gaming community again, as she cosplays at BlizzCon and tweets about her experience. This time we see Curtis in Anaheim, California completely incognito in her costume. On November 7th, Curtis attended BlizzCon with a World of Warcraft Undead mask and outfit that frankly does horrify. It’s got to be that bone-white skin with radish-colored hair; although, the photos quickly diffuse as she makes a pun in her tweet.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Unless you recognized Jamie Lee Curtis’s voice immediately at BlizzCon, chances are you missed out on the opportunity to discover another video game series she enjoys with her family. As mentioned before, Jamie Lee Curtis enjoys the heck out of video games. She loves Street Fighter and Cammy. She went as Vega at the fighting game tournament of Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas earlier this year. And now her World of Warcraft habit has been revealed.

What other fandoms is Jamie Lee Curtis a part of? Let us know in the comments!

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