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Bring the God of War Home with This Limited Edition Kratos Statue

God of War

Bring the God of War Home with This Limited Edition Kratos Statue

He’s so happy to finally get a statue.

The God of War series hasn’t had a new entry since Ascension in 2013, bu is still regarded as one of the defining Sony franchises. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of God of War, Sony are releasing a limited edition Kratos statue.

The Kratos statue is designed by the God of War team, and only 500 will be made. The 26-inch statue shows Kratos preparing for combat and is adorned with real metal, leather, and cloth. An official trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube account shows off the statue in high detail.

These statues are only being sold on the PlayStation Gear website, and will ship on Dec. 4. It also happens to be the single most expensive item in the PlayStation Gear store at $499.99.

On one hand, it’s a limited edition item that God of War fans will never be able to buy again. On the other hand, you could buy three copies of every God of War game for that price. Dec. 4 is near the PlayStation Experience, so maybe they’ll reveal this is an elaborate plan to fund the next game in the series.

Will  you pick up one of these limited edition statues and let the spirit of war fill your home? Let us know in the comments.


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