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Fallout 4: What the Mysterious Railroad Symbols Mean


Fallout 4: What the Mysterious Railroad Symbols Mean

If you’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a decent amount of time, you may have noticed these mysterious white symbols painted in locations around the world. They may seem random, as if some vagrant has been vandalizing the already disheveled world, but they actually serve a purpose. They are markers to lead those in the know to specific, important things.

These are symbols are actually communication between agents of The Railroad. All of the symbols are a star, made of eight dashes, surrounding a central image. It’s the image in the middle that you need to really look at, though.

Each symbol means the following:

X – Means danger is nearby, proceed with caution.

Teardrop – Means there is a Deadrop in the vicinity. These contain information on objectives for agents, such as the need to escort a runaway Synth.

House – This marks a safehouse. You will find allies here.

Arrow – There is something important in the direction it point towards. Sometimes Arrows lead to other arrows, so just follow the trail.

Cross – The cross means there is an ally nearby.

Box – If you see one of these, search the immediate area very closely, this denotes a supply cache. Could be ammo, could be Caps, could just be junk; either way, it’s something you could use.

There is one symbol that does not have the star around it: the Lantern. If you see this that means you’ve located the Railroad HQ.

Now that you know what these do, keep an eye out and stay safe out there.

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