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Fallout 4: The First 6 Things You Should Do


Fallout 4: The First 6 Things You Should Do

Find the Nearest Settlement

It’s more than likely that Fallout 4 will follow the same beginnings that Fallout 3 and New Vegas did. You’ll be exposed to the wasteland with very little to your name. While it’s incredibly tempting to go and explore right away, your first stop should definitely be the nearest town. This tends to be where the game’s first main quest will take you to anyway in order to prepare you with some basic supplies to fend off what prowls the wasteland.

Not only is this helpful to get some basic supplies, you’re almost guaranteed to be given some low-level side quests which will have you exploring the wasteland, and also helping you to acquire some more items and giving you a ton of XP for completing them. Get a couple of these under your belt and then…

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