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Fallout 4 Players Get a Reminder to Eat from Arby’s


Fallout 4 Players Get a Reminder to Eat from Arby’s

The countdown to Fallout 4 is quickly reaching zero, and everyone’s excited and ready to go back into the wasteland. While plenty of people are already planning on calling in sick or delivering pre-approved notes from Bethesda, Arby’s is looking out for you and making sure that you get some sweet nutrition as you enter a destroyed Boston.

A clever move from Arby’s, but this does require that you actually go to Arby’s, should you live within decent proximity to one while you pick up Fallout 4. Still, curly fries and a sandwich ain’t bad…as long as they aren’t also irradiated and you don’t grow eight fingers or a second head.

Fallout 4 hits the Xbox One, PS4, and PC tonight. You ready?

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