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Fallout 4 Names Codsworth Can Say, Including Django and Markiepoo


Fallout 4 Names Codsworth Can Say, Including Django and Markiepoo

With Fallout 4 finally out in the wild, players will have sculpted and named their own character in the hope that Codsworth will be able to say whatever you decide to call your character. Turns out the list of names is pretty huge and has some questionable inclusions, too.

The post, created by Reddit user fireundubh, has been contributed to by hundreds of members of the Reddit community in order to establish a pretty spectacular list of Codsworth’s naming knowledge.

While some inclusions such as Stephen, Tim, Chris, and Harry are ones you’d expect to make the list. Bethesda decided they wanted to really test your imagination. Names such as CherryBomb, Cockerham, Tallahassee, and Toecutter have also, somehow made the list of names that Codsworth will call you. Of course, classic naughty, silly names such as Tit, Titties, Erectus and Fuckface also made an appearance.

You can check out the full list of names that the Reddit community has discovered here, as this may be a tad faster than trawling through all the comments.

We felt that with Fallout 4, Bethesda has improved the series to near perfection, albeit with some technical hitches every now and then.

What have you decided to name your character? Did you go with your own name, or try one of the extravagant ones on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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