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Fallout 4 Lets You Have Multiple Romantic Partners


Fallout 4 Lets You Have Multiple Romantic Partners

Fallout 4 hits stores and hard drives tomorrow, and people couldn’t be any more excited. For some people, it’s the prospect of going through post-apocalyptic Boston by themselves or with their trusty dog. For others, it’s having a new Fallout title to dig into on their PC, PS4, or Xbox One and not being seen for the next few months.

One way the game will be taking up a bunch of your time will be your Companions. The AI buddies can be your combat buddies and journey the world with you, and you can also romance them. You can even romance another Companion at the same time while keeping the relationship with the other character with zero negative repercussions. Jim Sterling figured out as such in his newest Jimquisition video, which we’ve got below. Fair warning, it’s kinda NSFW a couple minutes in:

It’s not made clear if there’s a “limit” (for lack of a better term) for how many Companions you can romance at once, or if the Companions are fully aware that there are other romantic partners in your life. Either way, it’s pretty cool to have that in Fallout 4, especially if multiple romantic partners in real life is something you have.

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