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Fallout 4: How to Wait and Skip Time


Fallout 4: How to Wait and Skip Time

Veterans of the Fallout series will be familiar with the ‘pass time’ mechanic where you can hit a button and choose to wait for a certain number of hours. This comes in handy when you’re waiting for a shop to open, for a trader to pass by, or for a certain quest to become available. However, in Fallout 4, this mechanic has been changed slightly.

Instead of just hitting a button and selecting a number of hours, you are only allowed to pass time by sleeping or by sitting in a chair. Thankfully, there are tons of random chairs and sleeping bags lying all over the wasteland. Simply head up to any of these and sit down, and the ‘Wait’ option will appear, allowing you to pass time in the game.

Sleeping for a certain number of hours will also give you the ‘Well Rested’ perk upon waking up, allowing you to gain a little more experience while completing in-game events.

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