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Fallout 4: How to Kill Mirelurks


Fallout 4: How to Kill Mirelurks

These come in several forms: Softshell Mirelurk, Mirelurk, Mirelurk Hunter, Mirelurk King, and Mirelurk Queen. With the exception of the Softshell Mirelurk, they are all heavily armored on their backs, so do not waste any ammo there. Legs and torso should be your primary target when dealing with them, but you need to be aware of each form’s attack pattern.

  • Softshell Mirelurks/Mirelurks- Melee only. They will close the distance and take a swipe at you. If they are taking too much damage they will hide under their shells.
  • Hunter- These are faster and will shoot poison at you when given the chance.
  • King- Similar to the Hunter but much stronger. Will often hide in the water and is one of the few enemy types that will chase and kill you in the water.
  • Queen- The size of a building, powerful, lots of health, and very ugly. You’ll need all of your strongest weapons against this one. Launches large globs of poison and even uses poison gas. Does damage over time and can cover a large area with its attacks.

When facing Mirelurks, use Energy weapons on their fleshy bits along with fire and explosives. If you only have ballistic weapons, use the strongest ammo type you have or prepare for some long fights. Cryo weapons also work extraordinarily well against these.

Let us know if you’ve taken on the Mirelurk Queen yourself, and check out more Fallout 4 below.

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