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Fallout 4: How to Change Camera Zoom in Third Person


Fallout 4: How to Change Camera Zoom in Third Person

Fallout 4 is in first person by default but players can choose to play in third person if that’s more to their liking. The camera is situated right over the player’s shoulder and, to some, uncomfortably close. Too close to take advantage of a wider field of view. Luckily, there’s a way to adjust this so you can play a bit more comfortably.

Simply hold down the button responsible for changing views (Touchpad on PS4, Menu on Xbox One) and use the right thumbstick to adjust the distance between your player in the camera. You can go from the default over the shoulder cam to being able to view your created character’s entire body in one frame. Now you can really see everything.

You can even use this same button combo while in the Pip-Boy menu to twist your arm around so you can give the device a closer look.

And ta-da, you now have a much broader view.

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