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Fallout 4: All Legendary Weapon Effects and What Each Does


Fallout 4: All Legendary Weapon Effects and What Each Does

LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!

When you’re out in the wasteland of Fallout 4, you may have stumbled across some legendary enemies. You know, the ones with the stars next to their names? If you take down these uncommon enemies, you’ll be rewarded with a special weapon. These are basically one of the standard weapons from the game with an added legendary effect.

These legendary effects can range from simply increasing the amount of damage that the weapon will do to a certain type of enemy, or be even more desirable and have an unlimited ammo capacity. Therefore, to help you work out exactly what your legendary weapon’s particular effect does, we have the complete list of what each one does. A legendary weapon will have a prefix before the standard name of the weapon. For example, the Assassin’s Combat Shotgun could be a weapon that you’ll pick up after defeating a Legendary Feral Ghoul out in the wasteland. Check out the complete list for all of the legendary effects and what perk they will give your weapon.

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