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Fallout 4: Every Secret Holotape Game and the Retro Games They Parody


Fallout 4: Every Secret Holotape Game and the Retro Games They Parody

Fallout 4 is the gift that just keeps on giving. Not only is it a new installment of everyone’s favorite irradiated RPG, it has five hidden games for you to play on terminals you find in the Boston Wasteland. These retro games are collectible Holotapes that you can take with you wherever you go. After all, just because you’re some wandering savior doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a game or two for yourself.

You may also be happy to know that finding and playing just one of these hidden holotapes will net you the Future Retro Trophy/Achievement.

Red Menace

Red Menace plays like the classic Donkey Kong game. You’ll have to climb ladders while avoiding nuclear bombs and rolling fireballs in order to reach the top and save the kidnapped woman.

When you first awaken from your cryogenic sleep in Fallout 4, you will be tasked with escaping Vault 111. Follow the waypoints until you reach a room with a door that leads to the room with the electricity shooting around. Instead of entering that room (which is where you need to go) go straight into the break room where you’ll find the Vault-Tec Recreation Terminal. Access this terminal to collect the Red Menace Holotape, but make sure to give it a play first to unlock your Trophy/Achievement.

Atomic Command

The Atomic Command Holotape plays like the classic Missile Command game, where you control a stationary turret that must shoot down rockets and ships trying to destroy locations on earth. There are 8 locations in total: New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisico, St. Louis, and Mount Rushmore.


If you haven’t been able to figure it out by the title, the Pipfall Holotape is a Fallout reskin of Pitfall. You control an adventurous Vault-boy as he avoids irradiated beasts, pools of nuclear waste, and other hazards as he tries to collect five bobbleheads before the timer runs out.

Grognak The Barbarian and the Ruby Ruins

This is a text RPG sure to delight many retro fans playing Fallout 4. If you’ve never played a text RPG, you may want to give this one a try since it’s pretty well done. You’ll be given story, and after reading through, you will have to make decisions using a menu to determine what happens next for the titular hero.

Zeta Invaders

It’s cool to see that the folks in Fallout 4’s alternate Boston love Space Invaders just as much as we do in our world. The Zeta Invaders Holotape plays just like the classic arcade game with its ever advancing rows of alien creeps for you to blast out of the sky.

Have you found all of these games yet? Having fun with any of them? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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