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Director of Forza 6 Defends Microtransaction Update

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Director of Forza 6 Defends Microtransaction Update

A hot topic.

An update which adds microtransactions to Forza Motorsport 6 was released this week and needless to say, plenty of gamers have been vocal in their displeasure at such a patch. Forza 6’s creative director, Dan Greenawalt has defended the update by saying the microtransactions are completely optional.

After a fan on Twitter said it was “sad” that Turn 10 is adding microtransactions to the game, Greenawalt replied that Forza 6 was “designed, tuned, and tested 100 percent without them.”

Microtransactions are now featured in Forza 6 as a currency called Tokens. Players can buy Tokens in packs that go from $1 to $100 and can be used to purchase new cars and mods. Turn 10 is adamant that these microtransactions are simply for people who wish to speed up their game due to a lack of time.

Microtransactions are not new to the Forza series. Both Forza 4 and Forza 5 had microtransactions and Forza Horizon 2 had microtransactions added in shortly after its release.

Microtransactions are a controversial topic in the video game industry. Many developers defend them whilst many gamers feel they have no place in triple A games. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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