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Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend System Begins Next Week

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Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend System Begins Next Week

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Not too long ago, it was rumored that Destiny would be getting a friend referral system, appropriately dubbed ‘Refer-a-Friend’. It’s supposed to be a way to help new Guardians who’ve just bought the game or are jumping back in after a hiatus.

The system will unlock dual Emotes that range from special dances to high fives, a Legendary weapon, and weapon telemetry. It’ll apparently be kicked off with a questline titled “A Tale of Two Guardians” that’ll will require players to finish objectives with a “Linked Friend”. In their weekly update, Bungie gave the official description for Refer-a-Friend:

“The Holiday season is rolling in like a cold-weather front. With it, many Kinderguardians will join us in the Tower to find shelter from the cold of winter – and, just maybe, the friendship needed to survive a Quest. Take one under your mighty wing of Light and we’ll reward your mentorship. You may have a new ally (with shiny new disc in hand) that’s waiting for you to link to them and begin the journey. Perhaps your friend is waiting for a holiday sale scheduled for Black Friday. No matter when you find the time to be right, there will be a new page on that will reveal everything you need to link up and start progressing together.”

Currently active Guardians will be known as Veterans, while new Destiny owners will be Referral candidates. If you’ve already got someone lined up for the system, you can hand them the New Player Guide so they know what all to expect.

Refer-a-Friend will be coming to Destiny next Monday, the 23rd. This inspire you to convince your friend to jump in with you? Let us know in the comments below.

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