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Destiny’s King Fall Raid Gets a Challenge Mode

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Destiny’s King Fall Raid Gets a Challenge Mode


If you’ve gone through the King’s Fall raid in Destiny and thought it needed some more challenge, you’re in luck. Bungie has announced through their Weekly Update that the most recent raid will be getting a challenge mode that’s available for both normal and hard modes starting in December.

Each week, a boss in the raid will get a new modifier that’ll require you to beat them with a new strategy. You’ll thankfully be able to see which boss gets the modifier when you select King’s Fall in the Director, but the specific modifier won’t be revealed until you meet the boss and experiment. Beat them, and Destiny will give you rewards that are specific to what difficulty you beat the raid on. Here’s hoping that using only pulse rifles and shotguns won’t be one of the modifiers.

Excited to dive back into King’s Fall with some extra difficulty added on? Let us know in the comments below.

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