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CD Projekt RED Releases Epic Year for The Witcher Trailer

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CD Projekt RED Releases Epic Year for The Witcher Trailer

An epic year indeed.

Released earlier this year on May 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was a huge hit with both gamers and critics and has since become a strong contender for 2015’s Game of the Year.

The game not only featured stunning graphics, a beautiful open-world to explore, in-depth quests, and memorable characters, it was also released by CD Projekt RED, a studio that genuinely seems to care about its fans. As the game’s release date came ever closer, CD Projekt RED announced there would be no pre-order bonuses for the game or any day one DLC. The studio also announced that after the game was released, sixteen pieces of free DLC would be released to all platforms. Quite a breath of fresh air compared to other developers and publishers.

It has been a great year for The Witcher 3, and to celebrate, CD Projekt RED has released a new trailer for the game called Epic Year for The Witcher. The dramatic trailer is action packed and shows off what new players can expect of the game and gives old players an excuse to return.

The first expansion pack for The Witcher 3, Heart of Stone, was released in October and has been met with a hugely positive response. The second expansion, Blood and Wine is due to be released in early 2016.

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