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Cards Against Humanity Is Letting You Give Them $5 for Black Friday

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Cards Against Humanity Is Letting You Give Them $5 for Black Friday

Cards Against Humanity can’t stand Black Friday. Two years ago, the company celebrated by pricing their game $5 higher than usual, and last year they sold 30,000 units of actual poop. Now, CAH is bringing the holiday spirit by letting you buy actual nothing.

“On Black Friday, everybody is selling something. We’re the only company to offer the superior Black Friday experience of buying nothing,” says the store page. “We’re offering that for the rock-bottom price of $5. How can you afford NOT to seize this incredible opportunity?”

You can’t even buy their card game right now. The entire Cards Against Humanity store page is a prompt for $5 that’s raised over $50,000 so far. Make that over $51,000. $52,000. I can’t even keep up with the profit counter.

The page’s quippy Q&A section says they will announce plans for the money soon. All fecal profits from their last Black Friday stunt were sent to poverty-fighting charity Heifer International.

“We all really hate Black Friday, it’s just kind of a horrible day,” CAH co-creator Max Temkin said last year. “It comes after this day where you’re supposed to be thankful for what you have, and then it’s just this whole huge media spectacle of people fighting each other to save $50 on a TV.”

Will you be sending Cards Against Humanity a Lincoln this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below.

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