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BO3 Zombies – All Gobblegum Flavors and What They Do


BO3 Zombies – All Gobblegum Flavors and What They Do

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III brings back the zombie mayhem everyone knows and loves. With it comes the new Gobblegum system of perks. You basically get to choose a loadout before you start up a game of zombies, and then you’ll need to find the Gobblegum machine within the level (it costs 500 points to buy a Gobblegum). Getting one of your chosen flavors grants you a certain perk that you’ll have for a certain amount of time. They really help you turn the tides of the match in your favor, so here’s what every flavor does.


Immediate, Lasts Three Rounds

Keep your perks even when down.

Alchemical Antithesis

Immediate, Lasts 30 Seconds

For every 10 points, you get one ammo.

Always Done Swiftly

Immediate, Lasts Three Rounds

While aiming down sights, you’ll move faster and be able to draw and exit it faster, as well.

Danger Closest

Immediate, Lasts Three Rounds

You’ll receive no explosive damage.

Dead Of Nuclear Winter

Player Activated

You can spawn a nuke power-up.

Ephemeral Enhancement

Player Activated, Lasts 30 Seconds

Your current weapon is upgraded with Pack a Punch.

Firing On All Cylinders

Immediate, Lasts Three Rounds

You’ll be able to sprint and shoot at the same time.

Immolation Liquidation

Player Activated

You can spawn a fire sale power-up.


Immediate, Lasts Until You Bleed Out

Respawn with the last zombie of the round, rather than at the start of the new round.

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