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Blooborne: The Old Hunters – How to Beat the Living Failures

living failures

Blooborne: The Old Hunters – How to Beat the Living Failures

They failed at being Great Ones but are pretty good at killing you.

Bloodborne bosses were never easy and that remains true in The Old Hunters. You’ll have to be quick on your feet and learn your enemy’s pattern really fast if you want to emerge victorious. This is critical in the boss fight against the Living Failures.

These individuals are similar to the Celestial Emissary boss fight with the main difference of each monster being equally powerful. You’ll start out against only two of these tall, deformed beings, but as the fight goes on more will appear. There is no cutscene preceding the battle either, so you get little warning. Once you open the double doors at the top of the Research Hall, you’ll begin the fight.

To prepare yourself, you’ll want to increase your Arcane Damage Resistance and Physical Resistance. The Living Failures cast many arcane spells, ranging from a simple straight forward blast to a full-on meteor assault. Their physical attacks are nothing to scoff at, either, especially when facing two or more at once. Fire seems to do a moderate increase in damage so bring some Fire Paper if you’ve got it, but don’t stress if you don’t. Use Gems to up your physical attack and you should be able to dish out plenty of damage.

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