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Batman: Arkham Knight’s Catwoman and Robin DLC Hits Today


Batman: Arkham Knight’s Catwoman and Robin DLC Hits Today

Knight hasn’t fallen just yet.

Rocksteady’s been putting out monthly DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight since the game’s release in June, and November’s content has hit today. The November pack has brought new crime fighter challenges, cosmetic add-ons, and two new story campaigns. For the challenges, players can expect the Crime Fighter #4 challenge pack, which has new Predator and Combat maps, plus six new AR challenges and two Batmobile tracks themed around WayneTech. In the Invisible Predator challenges, you’ll also be able to select a character for that challenge.

The two new story campaigns are focused on Catwoman and Robin. Catwoman’s campaign takes place after you’ve already rescued her from the Riddler in the main Arkham Knight game. Now that she’s able to worry about not losing her head, she’s out for revenge and is ready to slice his face open. Robin’s campaign has him going up against Two-Face as he’s operating a money laundering scheme.

For the costumes, players can expect three new skins for the Batmobile, one of which is the one from the upcoming film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman’s costume in that film will also be made available, along with Tim Drake’s original Robin costume. For those who didn’t buy the season pass, the Batman v. Superman content will be made available next Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Think Arkham Knight’s giving you your money’s worth with the season pass? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments below.

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