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Attention Fallout 4 Players, You Can Put a Fancy Hat on Codsworth


Attention Fallout 4 Players, You Can Put a Fancy Hat on Codsworth

You probably thought Codsworth couldn’t get any snazzier. He’s British. A little snobby. He’s kind of an octopus with a jetpack up his ass. But it gets even better, because you can give him a Bowler Hat and he’ll hover around slicing up enemies with all the English flair you’ll never have.

Even though the Bowler symbolizes the humble English working class, it may have just made Codsworth even snobbier, because now when he scolds you for picking up “useless garbage,” he’s doing it in a hat. Still, we can’t resist a fancied up robot, just take Gentleman Claptrap or M8R-D Loaderbot, for example. They may never understand the full range of complex human emotions, they may never know love, but damn, they look fancy as hell.

Fallout 4 Codsworth bowler hat

Bowlers can be found in random houses in Sanctuary, typically in drawers, and seem to be the only type of headwear Codsworth will allow to grace his aristocratic dome. We tried offering him sailor hats, postman hats, wigs, and we even stole Preston’s hat and gave it a shot. In the end, they were all too pedestrian. Frankly, we’re not surprised.

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