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5 Outstanding User Created Fallout 4 Settlements


5 Outstanding User Created Fallout 4 Settlements

Build it big. Build it beautiful!

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The Sanctuary Shanty Town

Fallout 4 Best Settlements

FredtheBeard took a different route with Sanctuary and rather than completely renovate the entire thing, focused on building a rather real-life shanty town right in the center. Something particularly impressive of this build is that FredtheBeard states he hasn’t used the Unlimited Size mod that other users have been enabling in order to create some huge settlements.

Instead, Fred filled the settlement size bar to 95% and built some amazing layered buildings, decorated to feel just like home. The settlement has a total of twelve houses, with four prefabricated added in for good measure, and are stacked similarly to a real life favela. Not only does the truly cramped feeling of a favela shine through with the tiny pathways etching their way through between houses, the suspended bridges linking some of the 2nd story shanty houses really make this feel like a unique shanty town in Fallout 4. You can check out the full gallery here.

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