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10 Bob Ross Parody Tweets to Empower Your Gaming Day


10 Bob Ross Parody Tweets to Empower Your Gaming Day

Spread some joy.

As the world fauns over every episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on Twitch, his legacy lives on in another form providing the same same soft-spoken friendly words of encouragement. One incredible twitter account set out to take Ross’s laid-back demeanor and spread “Happiness, not salt” to the gaming public. FGC Bob Ross does exactly that for the fighting games community. Let’s go on an adventure, friends.

On Character Nerfs:

On Failure:

On embracing shared passion, not who the victor is:

On Empowerment:

On Competition:

On Judgment:

Being the inclusive, sweet man Bob Ross is, his advice transcends genre and community.

On Self-care:

On bettering yourself rather measuring against others:

On spreading happy, little surprises for others:

Be wonderful to each other, friends.

More Features:

An affable Ohioan with a love of synthpop, downtempo, and video game music. Chances are you'll find Robert reminding you the N64 wasn't that great and talking way too much about cartoons and comedy.

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