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Zangief Finally Revealed for Street Fighter V


Zangief Finally Revealed for Street Fighter V

Could we get this guy some pants?

Capcom recently announced that Zangief the Red Cyclone, will make his appearance in Street Fighter V.

According to the Playstation Blog, the Russian grappler was announced as a playable character at the IgroMir videogame exhibition event held in Moscow.

Zangief will stay true to his character and still be a grappler — the Russian-behemoth’s gameplay is still focused on trying to close the ground in order to grab other characters.

Though, the muscle man has a few tricks up his speedos.

One of Zangief’s new moves is called Iron Muscle, this allows the Red Cyclone to absorb one attack while he’s on the offensive. This move is similar to Street Fighter IV‘s Focus Attacks. While he’s absorbing an attack, Zangief will of course flex his muscles and withstand the opponent’s strikes.

Zangief’s second new ability is known as the Cyclone Lariat. This allows the massive Russian to spin around and grab his adversary all while striking multiple times. The ability has the Russian tilt on his feet while pummeling his opponent with his hairy fists.

With plenty of time still before the game ships in 2016, hopefully Street Fighter V will bring back more old favorites both from Alpha and the originals.

Are you guys happy about the Russian finally making his Street Fighter V debut? Who else deserves a roster spot in Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments below!

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