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Xenoblade Chronicles Developer Posts “Urgent” Recruitment Request


Xenoblade Chronicles Developer Posts “Urgent” Recruitment Request

Another massive RPG, or something else?

Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to Wii U in a few months. If it’s anything like the its predecessor, Wii U owners are in for another massive RPG with over 100 hours of content. Monolith Soft might be planning another huge game for the future, as they’re already recruiting game developers on their official website.

Monolith Soft’s Japanese recruitment page has several open positions, and they all look like they’re related to developing a game. Here’s the translation from Siliconera:

Tokyo Office:

  • Programmer
  • Planner
  • 3DCG Designer (Urgent)
  • 2D Designer
  • Effect Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Project Manager

Kyoto office:

  • 3DCG Designer (Mass Recruitment)
  • Effect Designer
  • Motion Designer

There’s no hints as to what game Monolith Soft is working on, but the “urgent” and “mass recruitment” labels definitely makes it seem like they want to begin production on something soon.

What do you think Monolith Soft is developing after Xenoblade Chronicles X? Another large RPG, or something entirely different? Let us know in the comments.

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