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Witcher 3 Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings Quest Guide


Witcher 3 Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings Quest Guide

Time for a colon cleanse.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone has some interesting quests with tons of little pieces that make a beautiful whole. Take the main quest, Open Sesame, for instance. What starts as a simple inquiry becomes a full blown heist spread out over four main quests.

This guide will get you through the quest Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings. By now you should have already obtained a burglar, and solicited a safe cracker. Now that you’ve got a team ready for action, you’re going to need to insure that as few (if any) guards as possible are able to put a dent in your night.

Geralt has the cleaver idea of creating a Cleansing Mixture to place into the food of the nearby garrison. This will keep the soldiers and guards close to the bathroom and out of the team’s way.

Creating the concoction is easy. Everything you need will either be found in the garden outside of the Herbalist’s hut, or can be purchased. The real challenge comes in figuring out how you’re supposed to get this lovely mixture into the food of your enemies.

You’ll have to eavesdrop on some soldiers to find out where the cook is. The areas will be clearly marked on your map and you just need to stand somewhat close and use your Witcher Sense. You don’t have to hide or anything like that, and if you’re too close it will say so on the screen. Just back up a bit and the conversation will continue. You’ll need to do this three times before you finally find out where the cook is.

hearts of stone witcher 3 open sesame witcher seasonings

Head over the docks where you will meet the cook. It must be morning so if it isn’t yet just meditate until the sun comes up. The cook will be sitting on the pier fishing. Ask him to do you the favor of spiking the garrison’s food and you’ll have two options. You can pay him 400 Crowns or, if you’ve leveled it up enough, use Axii to get it done for free.

After you’ve had your little parlay with the cook and you’ve completed Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings. Head back to the Herbalist’s hut and get ready to pull off the biggest heist Oxenfurt has ever seen.

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