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We Are All This Ubisoft Announcement Caveman


We Are All This Ubisoft Announcement Caveman

Falling Caveman for every video game ever.

Ubisoft is set to announce something new on a livestream. At the time of this posting, they’ve been slowly panning out on what appears to be cave paintings of an entire survival scene, keeping with the “Survival is timeless” tagline. What is this all for? We’ve yet to see. However, Ubisoft has managed to perfectly capture the audience and our psyche in one faithful caveman. We are all this one caveman.


No, not the center one. He’s far too composed and epic looking. He couldn’t possibly be us right now. We’re lost, fumbling, and confused over what this Ubisoft announcement could be.


Yes, we are all the falling caveman. This is our destiny, to eat shit while trying to do right. This caveman is us on a Monday, going in for work. This caveman is us attempting a cartwheel in gym class. This caveman is us eating a burrito while wearing white. Dream on, falling caveman. Never stop trying.

cave man

Bless this caveman for showing us that we’re not alone in our trials and tribulations. He, too, falls sometimes. And like him, we’re all just trying to get by in life. And figure out what the hell Ubisoft is trying to reveal here.

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