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New Until Dawn Halloween Update Adds Secret Pumpkins


New Until Dawn Halloween Update Adds Secret Pumpkins

Can you find all 11 pumpkins this Halloween?

Players looking for something extra to do in Until Dawn may be excited to hear that the game’s developer Supermassive Games has announced on the PlayStation Blog that hid 11 pumpkins around the game for the Halloween weekend.

Until Dawn’s Executive Producer, Pete Samuels, said that these pumpkins will only be around during the Halloween weekend and that they “aren’t all easy to find and you might have to move the camera around to spot all of them.” Once a player finds one of these pumpkins, Supermassive Games want them take a screenshot with the #UntilDawnPumpkin hashtag.

Supermassive Games will be retweeting their favorite screenshots but in the post they didn’t mention if players will get anything for finding all 11 pumpkins or if they’re just doing this for fun. Either way, if you are looking for an excuse to replay Until Dawn, there you go.

Along with announcing this little event, Supermassive Games showed off they could still edit with the new Until Dawn Halloween Accolades trailer. Supermassive Games also recently revealed that they will be releasing an on-rail spin-off title for Until Dawn called Rush for Blood which will use the PlayStation VR headset.

So will you be taking part in the Until Dawn pumpkin hunt this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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