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UK Government Gives £4m to the Indie Game Development Industry


UK Government Gives £4m to the Indie Game Development Industry

A helping hand.

£4 million is going to be given to the video game industry by the UK government in order to help encourage designers to develop their ideas and turn them into a success.

The Video Games Prototype Fund continues the work started by Abertay University’s Prototype Fund, will support independent developers in the UK. Grants of up to £25,000 will be given to help developers prototype their ideas and £50,000 will be given to projects that continue into the development phase.

The video game industry is made up of some very big UK developers including Grand Theft Auto’s Edinburgh based developer Rockstar North, Batman: Arkham series, created by London-based Rocksteady Studio, and LittleBigPlanet from Guilford’s Media Molecule.

Many big indie games also come from UK based developers, including Mike Bithell’s Volume, Gunpoint from Tom Francis, and Roll7’s OlliOlli, which have all gained worldwide acclaim.

The Minister of Culture, Ed Vaizey stated that the video game industry is something the government should give more support to.

“Britain’s video games punch well above their weight internationally, and we need to build on this and invest in the strength of our creativity. This fund will give small businesses, startups, and individuals the support they need to better attract private investment and go on to create the blockbusters of tomorrow,” He said.

It’s certainly great to see that video games are starting to be embraced in the same way movies, books, and TV shows are.

[Source: GameSpot]

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