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This Is What DOOM Played With a Toaster Looks Like


This Is What DOOM Played With a Toaster Looks Like

What is that running on, a toaster? Ha… Oh.

Sometimes, games just aren’t difficult enough. For that reason, gamers tend to come up with some other method of making their favorite titles more engaging. One way of doing this is by changing the controller.

We’ve seen it done with Dark Souls several times using Guitar Hero controllers, bongos, and even nothing but voice. But there always has to be someone who needs to one-up the competition.

Reddit user, ion_citat, posted this 46 second gem of someone going absolutely ham on Doom using toasters instead of controllers. It may sound hard to believe, but just watch it in action and you will witness the passion for a challenge is real.

Using a setup of three toasters this player obliterates the forces of hell with ease. Kind of puts those of us who complain about controls to shame, huh?

What do you think about this insane way of playing Doom? Wanna give it a shot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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