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These Destiny Players Perfectly Timed the Thriller Dance Together


These Destiny Players Perfectly Timed the Thriller Dance Together


Every Halloween, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” eventually ends up being heard at a party or on the radio, which means that people will do the dance. It’s practically law, and someone at Bungie is definitely a fan, since Destiny players can buy the Thriller dance emote.

After that news hit, it was only a matter of time before someone made a music video set to “Thriller” in Destiny, and now it’s finally happened. While just relaxing in the Tower hub, Twitter user MarsPrincess106 and her friend deciding to do the Thriller dance, and by complete coincidence, so did another pair of Guardians. The results are as awesome as you’d think, and Mars did what anyone else would’ve done.

Here it is with the actual Thriller song.

Thank you, Destiny. Thank you for providing the world with new emotes for perfect moments like these. We’ve seen Backstreet Boys, we’ve seen Michael. Now, we need a Hotline Bling emote. It’s what the game, and indeed the entire world, needs.

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