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The Witcher 3 Taxman is After Players Who Used Exploits


The Witcher 3 Taxman is After Players Who Used Exploits

He’s coming for all that gold that was farmed.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 released its first paid expansion this week, titled Hearts of Stone. It adds 10 hours of new content, with new characters, quests, items and a runeword upgrade system. One thing it also adds, is a taxman coming to audit players on all that gold they may have used an exploit to earn.

In the original game there were certain exploits that allowed players to farm hides and pearls, then sell them for a tidy profit. Turns out CD Projekt Red knows that and they’re sending someone to collect.

The YouTube channel WhatsMyGame uploaded this section from his playthrough of Hearts of Stone, where he’s stopped by an in-game tax collector that knows all about his ill gotten gold and chooses to ask a few digging questions.

There is a hefty fine involved with the taxman’s stop, but luckily players have a chance to be honest and fess up to their crimes first. The tax collector takes a moment to go through and ask Geralt about each exploit and whether he partook in it or not, including “Have you ever waltzed into someone’s home and taken something without their permission?”

If guilty there will be a fine either way, although being honest will highly reduce the payment. If Geralt is an innocent upstanding citizen then the taxman will bestow him with a diploma of being an upstanding tax payer.

Whatever happens this is a fun way of dealing with exploits in the game, hats off to CD Projekt Red. Previously the company sent out cow armies to deal with another cow killing exploit. What do you think about the taxman, are you worried he’ll come take your gold? Would you like to see more companies handle exploits like this in the future? Let us know in the comments, and check out the full conversation with the taxman below.

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