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The Witcher 3 Is Getting a Massive 15GB Patch That’s Bringing Tons of Fixes


The Witcher 3 Is Getting a Massive 15GB Patch That’s Bringing Tons of Fixes

Is your console ready for a massive 15GB patch?

Ahead of the release of the Hearts of Stone expansion next week, the upcoming The Witcher 3’s v1.10 patch is going to be roughly 15 GB in size and bring a load of changes to the Witcher world.

Marcin Momot, CD Projekt Red Community Lead & Website Coordinator, revealed on Twitter that this patch will be 15GB in size for console users and between 6 – 15GB in size depending on platform. With a patch this big, it should come at no surprise that it will bring a ton of tweaks and fixes. As a matter of fact, the patch notes are 13 pages long, so let’s get started.

Starting with the music, this patch has fixed plenty of bugs where the ambient music at Kaer Muire would override the rest of the music, as well as adding new segments to various conversations including the one between Triss and Yen before the battle at Kaer Muire.


The Witcher 3 v1.10 patch also includes tons of gameplay fixes including but definitely not limited to fixing a rare bug that prevented stamina regeneration, and stopping an issue where your speed remained accelerated after using the crossbow, bombs or was in horse combat. This patch also includes numerous game balances for the New Game + mode and fixed a rare issue where the New Game + mode wouldn’t load properly.

On top of patching the games music, gameplay, and New Game + mode, the v1.10 patch also includes multiple fixes for the game’s DLC, UI, GUI, visuals, general performance and much more. Seriously this patch is kind of insane.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC is due out Oct 13 for $9.99 and will include over 10 hours of new content.

So what do you think of the upcoming The Witcher 3 v1.10 patch? Let us know in the comments below.

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