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The Top 10 Best Games Releasing this October


The Top 10 Best Games Releasing this October

Did developers forget Halloween is this month?

Elite Dangerous – Xbox One (Oct. 6)

There is just something about flying through the cold, endless expanse of space that just really hits the spot. Whether it’s strictly exploratory, or if you happen to find yourself hunting down some of the universe’s more nefarious denizens, it can’t be denied that the freedom offered by the stars is one that is hard to resist. That means it’s a pretty good thing that October kicks off the month with Elite Dangerous on the Xbox One in order to let console gamers get in on some of the action that their PC buddies have been relishing for quite some time now.

Fly around and choose a career path that is right for you as you make a name for yourself among the stars and explosions lighting up the sky. It doesn’t hurt that it happens to be one pretty game to look at as you experience a freedom that isn’t usually offered. For you PlayStation 4 players looking to get in on the intergalactic travel as well (and want something other than No Man’s Sky), there is no date yet, but a port to Sony’s home console has been confirmed to happen at some point in the future. But for now, Xbox players should suit up and practice their barrel rolls before this hits your console next week.

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