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The Sims Invade Pokémon in This Genre-Crossing Mashup


The Sims Invade Pokémon in This Genre-Crossing Mashup

Leave Pikachu alone, Tragic Clown.

Check out The Sims turned into Pokémon… or Pokémon turned into The Sims? Either way, it’s Pikachu and green head-gems everywhere.

Hat-Loving Gamer makes is no stranger to creating gaming mashups, sticking Sonic into Mario and Halo into Super Ghosts N’ Ghouls, and never questioning the scientific dangers of genetic video game splicing. Reckless it may be, the channel’s latest creation is a fresh take on Pokémon, played in the style of The Sims.

The concept demo hits all the main pillars of Sims life – friendship, death, dance parties immediately following said death. There’s plenty of Pokémon tropes, too, because it’s fun getting shut down by Professor Oak in any genre.

Got any recommendations for another Pokéfied game? Drop a suggestion in the video comments, because Hat-Loving Gamer is taking recommendations for their next nature-defying mashup experiment.

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