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The Elder Scrolls Online’s Next Expansion Takes Players to Orsinium


The Elder Scrolls Online’s Next Expansion Takes Players to Orsinium

Pack your bags everybody, we’re going to Orsinium.

Bethesda has announced that they will be releasing a new DLC expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls Online this November called Orsinium which will bring players to the Orc country of, you guessed it, Orsinium.


Bethesda promises that this expansion will be the biggest expansion pack yet and will feature “a colossal new zone” and over 20 hours of new content. This new content will see players working for the king of Orsinium himself, taking part in 2 new public dungeons and there’s also going to be a new solo challenge called The Maelstrom Arena.

The Orsinium expansion will be released for the PC on Nov 2nd, the Xbox One on Nov 17, and the PS4 on Nov 18. Players with active ESO Plus Membership will get this expansion for free while everyone else will have to pay 3000 crowns via the in-game store.

Here is the official trailer for the Orsinium expansion pack:

So are you interested in getting the new The Elder Scrolls Online expansion? Let us know in the comments below.

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