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The 9 Creepiest Video Game Urban Legends


The 9 Creepiest Video Game Urban Legends

Twisted tales of video games await.

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Minecraft: Herobrine


Herobrine is an interesting community created Minecraft myth that through the power of mods has since been turned into reality. The myth started with Herobrine as a non-player character appearing in single-player Minecraft games. Like many others, this story starts on creepypasta, although the earliest topic about Herobrine is from the Minecraft forums.

Here a player claimed to have seen a blurry figure in the distance during one of his single-player sessions of the game. The person claimed that Herobrine appeared with a default player skin and glowing eyes, and would affect things within the play session like building structures or harvesting resources. The myth circulated for a while gaining huge traction until finally Notch the creator of Minecraft addressed it in a tweet saying,

Notch Tweet Herobrine

Adding more fun to the myth though was a patch for Minecraft on May 31, 2011. The note for patch 1.6.6 had something very interesting in them. At the end of the patch notes it listed, “*Removed Herobrine.” Was this just a fun joke from Notch? Was Herobrine actually something the development team included as a creepy easter egg in the game? We may never know, but the Herobrine myth created one of the most popular memes ever in the Minecraft community.

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