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Super Mario Maker Adding Checkpoints and More Updates Soon


Super Mario Maker Adding Checkpoints and More Updates Soon


On Nov. 4 Super Mario Maker will be receiving five updates to further add some control over how players want to create their levels. By shaking certain items and combining others fans will be able to create all new items to make things easier for others or to just mix things up.

The updates include:

  • Shaking the Arrow Sign to create a Checkpoint Flag.
  • Combining items (such as a Fire Flower and Super Mushroom) so that blocks will give the player a different item depending on the situation.
  • Shaking a Muncher for an extended period of time will unlock a new version of the Gnat Attack mini game.
  • Official Mario Maker courses are now in course selection.
  • Event Courses are now part of the fun. These are for everyone to play and will be part of special events.

You can check out the updates in action in the handy little video below.

Recently Super Mario Maker hit the one million units milestone and it even got a fancy new stage that changes as you play in Super Smash Bros.

Are you excited for these Super Mario Maker updates? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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