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Steam Is Marking Old Arkham Knight User Reviews as “Pre-Release”


Steam Is Marking Old Arkham Knight User Reviews as “Pre-Release”

Let’s not focus on the past.

Batman: Arkham Knight, the final entry in Rocksteady’s caped crusader series, is finally getting re-released on Steam today after it was pulled off of the platform due to some serious issues. After months of working hard to bring the game up to the same level of its console counterparts (which were well-received and suffered no major problems) Arkham Knight is finally ready to be enjoyed in the way the developers intended. Unfortunately, prospective consumers tend to read up on the game prior to purchase and Arkham Knight on Steam is sitting on a mountain of negative user reviews dating back to its poor state at release.

Steam has marked these reviews as Pre-Release opinions even though the individuals who posted their reviews actually purchased the game on or after Batman: Arkham Knight’s initial launch date back in June. This has some fans wondering if it’s a marketing ploy of some sort seeing as how some may be a bit confused as to what those negative comments reviewed. It can easily just be a case of giving the game a fair chance as some other fans had commented.

Recently Batman: Arkham Knight was said to be receiving yet another update to further fix the game. Rocksteady has certainly been hard at work and this re-release along with the inclusion of more patches shows that.

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