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Start Rebuilding Your Rock Band Library before Rock Band 4 Launches


Start Rebuilding Your Rock Band Library before Rock Band 4 Launches

Downloading 1,700 songs is a full weekend project.

Rock Band 4 will be available in a few days. While you’re clearing out space in the living room for band practice and setting up the fog machine, don’t forget that you’ll have to redownload all of your old downloadable content for your new console.

Harmonix have uploaded 1,700 songs to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, so you can begin downloading them today in preparation for Oct. 6.

The latest Harmonix blog has details on the process, which isn’t too complicated. Search for “Rock Band 4” on your console, and if you bought a song within the same console family (Xbox 360 to Xbox One, or PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4), you can download it for free.

However, you might need to set aside more time than usual because each song must be downloaded individually. Even if you bought a pack of 3 songs or a full album, you’ll have to download each song in the pack one by one.

Due to 1st party technical restrictions, we are unable to support batch downloads within the 1st party stores. If you want your DLC downloaded to your console, you will have to re-download tracks individually.

Finally, Harmonix is ending the long DLC sale on Oct. 6. All of the songs on sale will return to their original price of $1.99, so there are just a few days left to pick up some cheap songs you may have missed.

How big is your collection of Rock Band DLC? Let us know in the comments.

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