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Star Wars: Battlefront Will Not Feature Microtransactions Says DICE


Star Wars: Battlefront Will Not Feature Microtransactions Says DICE

Good news, everybody!

Star Wars: Battlefront is only a few weeks away and fans everywhere are readying their blasters in order to go to war against the Empire. Despite the hype for the game, some fans were concerned that the game might feature dreaded microtransactions.

The question of Star Wars: Battlefront featuring microtransactions was first raised when it was announced the game would feature two separate currencies, points and credits. Credits will be used to get rarer, more elite equipment that will give you the edge on the battlefield. A two-tiered currency system like this usually implies the existence of microstransaction, where players can spend cash to get more credits, however, DICE has confirmed this is not the case.

In an interview with GameSpot, DICE’s Stockholm studio, Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront will not feature microtransactions. Fegraeus stated that microtransactions are “not part of the core design” of Battlefront and that everything can be unlocked in-game.

Fegraeus said: “There are several [credit] systems working together here. Just doing things in the game earns you points, and those [points] earn you credits. That’s the baseline system; the more you do, the more credits you get,” he said.

“But then there are other systems, such as small challenges for you to complete, and rewards for different actions.

“If you’re really competitive, the coolest things you can get is star cards to best suit your play style. If you really like to snipe, for example, you should totally go for the blaster cannon. Or if you’re looking for something cool in terms of expressing yourself, then I would say if you gather a lot of credits, you can buy some expensive in-game items, such as being able to play as an alien race. You can be a Rodian while everyone else is human.”

It’s good to see that microtransactions won’t be a problem for Star Wars: Battlefront. A beta for the online multiplayer is due to launch this month and new details have also been released.

[Source: GameSpot]

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