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[Rumor] Sony is Creating a PlayStation Plus eSports League


[Rumor] Sony is Creating a PlayStation Plus eSports League

Time to practice those games you’re good at.

A French PlayStation website appeared this morning for something called the PlayStation Plus League. It appears to be a console eSports platform on PS4, providing players with online tournaments and competitions. The description on the site’s page reads,

“The PlayStation®Plus League aims to offer its PlayStation Plus subscribers a new e-sport experience. Here you will have the opportunity to take part in competitions and tournaments of your favorite games. You will prove to everyone that you are the best through the different formats of tournaments that will be available.”

Multiple games are listed for tournaments including Battlefield Hardline, DriveClub, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat X and others.

It seems the League will feature teams and tournaments of various sizes, including solo play, season-to-season competitions, online/offline play, and even cash prizes. The FAQs on this page, give a little more information.

A PlayStation Plus membership is required in order to participate in the League. As of now there’s only the French website up, and no word if the program will come to North America or other territories. Hopefully more details will be given during Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference.

What do you think about the potential for a PlayStation Plus eSports League? Is it something you’d like to participate in, or even just watch as the tournaments unfold? Let us know in the comments.


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