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Sony Meets Halo 5’s Release With an Impressive Conference and Multiple New Exclusives


Sony Meets Halo 5’s Release With an Impressive Conference and Multiple New Exclusives

PlayStation steps up.

Today is a big day for the Xbox One. With the launch of the latest entry in their flagship series, Halo 5: Guardians, nothing could be better. Fans lined up at midnight to pick up one of the premier first person shooters out there, and Master Chief is back in the saddle with some friends in tow. This was a perfect opportunity for the green machine to grab the attention of the video game world. After all, Microsoft has been pushing the strength of their lineup with more zeal than ever before.

At E3 2015, they revealed what many see as their best lineup in a long time, a lineup that is finally being rolled out as the holiday season begins to hit its stride. Then there was Gamescom, where Phil Spencer and his team seized the ultimate opportunity to showcase their work in sole spotlight.

Today, Sony took their own limelight, capitalizing on Paris Games Week with their own conference. On Halo 5’s launch day, the day when the Xbox One was set to shine brighter than it has in a long time, Sony put on a stunning press conference detailing the future of gaming within their ecosystem.


As well as this stunning head piece

In today’s console climate, exclusives play a huge part in a player’s decision between the PlayStation and Xbox. Whether you prefer one over the other for console for third-party software is one factor, but the choice tends to come down to those exclusive experiences packaged with each system. With the release of what is arguably Microsoft’s biggest exclusive, the folks over at Sony put on a show, revealing multiple PS4 exclusives in the works.

Titles like Matterfall, hailing from the studio that brought us Resogun, dropped jaws with its particle heavy, action-packed reveal. And then there’s Detroit, the evolution of the impressive Kara demo Quantic Dreams teased us with three long years ago. We also got a glimpse at Media Molecule’s surreal Dream and the mysterious, portal-filled world of Boundless.

Fans looking for the return of something they’ve loved for years were sure to be pleased by the announcement of Grand Turismo Sport, which is finally bringing Sony’s flagship racing simulator to the PlayStation 4. Toting a brand new name change, PlayStation VR saw its own share of interesting new titles. Until Dawn: Rush of BloodRIGS: Mechancized Combat League, and Robinson: The Journey are just a few of the VR games that took the stage at Sony’s event.

Brand new announcement weren’t the only talking points. No Man’s Sky finally got a release window, WiLD showcased bear riding and giant snake goddesses, and Street Fighter V revealed a new character, a release date, and six mystery characters to be added post-launch. Not to mention new details on Uncharted 4’s multiplayer and Gravity Rush 2 gameplay.

To some, a press conference and a video game release may not actually seem like a competitive scenario. But in the grand scheme of economics and marketing, it’s a matter of attention, a matter of being the one that has everyone oo-ing and ahh-ing. Whether it was intentionally scheduled to coincide with the day of one of the Xbox One’s biggest releases or not is unknown, but it is a certainty that the PlayStation 4 climbed its way into everyone’s line of sight today with an extremely solid showing.

During a holiday season where its own exclusive offerings are light, selling a bright future today may be what helps keep the PlayStation 4’s edge tomorrow. Halo 5 may have met a worthy adversary today.


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