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Sony Adds a Wishlist Feature to the PlayStation Store


Sony Adds a Wishlist Feature to the PlayStation Store

Let your friends know which games to buy for you.

Earlier this year, NeoGAF members started the #BetterPSN campaign with a list of improvements they wanted to see on the PlayStation Network. Some of these improvements were made with the 3.0 Software Update on PlayStation 4, but the store’s features still lag behind similar services like Steam. Sony has addressed at least one request by adding a wishlist feature to the PlayStation Store.


Currently, the wishlist feature is only available on the web version of the PlayStation Store. Every game, movie, and TV show in the store has a heart icon affixed to it. Clicking the icon adds the game to the new Wishlist page. The Privacy feature allows users to share their wishlist with their friends or keep it hidden.

The Wishlist does lack some key features right now. It can only be managed from a web browser, not on an actual PlayStation console. Unlike Steam, it’s currently not possible to buy a gift copy of a game for a friend directly from the list. Sony isn’t sending emails to users when their wishlisted games are on sale, a feature Steam has provided for years.

The wishlist feature seems incomplete now, but it’s likely that Sony is testing it out now to prepare for the holiday season. There’s lots of games coming out before the end of the year, and Sony will be showing off 50 of their upcoming titles at December’s PlayStation Experience. This wishlist function, with a few improvements could be a comparable counterpart to Steam and fulfill one request of the Better PSN campaign.

The latest software update added many things to the PlayStation 4, but which important feature do you think they still need to add? Let us know in the comments.

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