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Some Rock Band 4 Bundles Include Wrong Instruments


Some Rock Band 4 Bundles Include Wrong Instruments

Roadies had one job.

Some copies of Rock Band 4’s Band In-A-Box are shipping with instruments for the wrong system.

Yesterday, multiple Reddit users discovered that their Xbox One and Playstation 4 bundles included the correct version of the game but wrong wireless guitar or drum set.

Making frustrations worse is the fact that gamers will be hard pressed to find these bundles in-store. Retailers like Wal-Mart, and GameStop were listing these items “Out of Stock” at the time of this writing.

Rock Band 4’s Band In-A-Box if all goes according to plan, includes: the full version of Rock Band 4, Wireless Guitar, USB Microphone, and Wireless Drum Kit for $249.99 at retail.

According to Reddit user stevevecc, Mad Catz said they would be shipping new instruments with a return label for his wrong instruments.

If you buy your Band In-a-Box from a brick and mortar store, it’s highly advised to check the contents of the bundle while at the store that way you can make a return.

Has this problem affected your ability to rock? Did your bundle include all the proper instruments to get the band together? Let us know in the comments!

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