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Shovel Knight Retail Price Goes Up, Cancelled for Xbox One


Shovel Knight Retail Price Goes Up, Cancelled for Xbox One

Sorry, Xbox owners.

Yacht Club Games has just released an extensive update regarding the physical release of Shovel Knight to retailers.

Originally, the game was set to launch Oct. 13 in North America and Oct. 16 in Europe, but due to the Plague of Shadows content taking longer to produce than expected, those release dates have been bumped back a few weeks to Nov. 3 and Oct. 30 respectively. Yes, that means Europe is getting it a few days earlier than the states.

Additionally, the physical release for Xbox One has been cancelled, citing publishing policies that are beyond the developer’s control. Shovel Knight is still available on for digital download on the Xbox One, and Yacht Club Games will continue trying to get the physical copy released in the future, but for now it is in “indefinite limbo.”

Shovel Knight - Retail

They are also working on getting a physical version released for the PlayStation Vita, though they confirmed it will not be ready in time for the 2015 holiday season. As with the Xbox One version, you can still download the game on your Vita through the PlayStation Network. Physical releases for 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and PC (Europe only) are all releasing as planned.

The price of Shovel Knight’s physical copy has been bumped up slightly as well. Previously they had the price point of $19.99 set, but due to many retailers considering $20 to be their ‘bargain bin’ cut-off number, they opted to raise the asking price to $24.99. This should keep the game in the proper display cases, at least for the time being. To make up for the extra cost, all physical copies will now be packaged with a digital soundtrack download code.

Finally, they provided a non-update regarding the Shovel Knight amiibo. A release date has not yet been set in stone, but even so they are considering opening up North American pre-orders for the figure soon.

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