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See What Happened Before SOMA in Live-Action Prequel


See What Happened Before SOMA in Live-Action Prequel

Somewhere, under the sea.

Frictional Games’ SOMA released on September 22, to terrify people like its predecessor Amnesia. The game is a deep sea sci-fi horror game, featuring lots of robots and tension filled areas. The series is a partnership with Imagos Films, and will have a new episode releasing every day from September 28 to October 5.

The series is entirely a prequel to the events of the game so don’t worry about getting any spoilers. On a recent post for the Playstation Blog Frictional detailed their inspirations for SOMA and the directions they wanted it to go, including the exploration of subjects like identity and consciousness. You can check out the first four episodes of the series below, and make sure to check back on Frictional’s YouTube channel for the next few days.

You can see our thoughts on SOMA, but have you played it yet? Has it terrified you yet?

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