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Samurai Warriors 4-II: How to Get the Best Horse (Matsukaze/Red Hare)


Samurai Warriors 4-II: How to Get the Best Horse (Matsukaze/Red Hare)

Who is the fastest horse of all?

Samurai Warriors 4-II wouldn’t be complete without your trusty horse companion helping you get around the battlefield. You’re able to unlock new horses through random Spoils of War but if you want the best of the best, you’re going to need to put your skills to the test. Matsukaze is Samurai Warriors version of the Red Hare. It’s a beast of a horse with maxed out abilities (50 across the board in Power, Stamina, and Speed), and it’s only acquired through Survival Mode’s Challenges.

In order to unlock Matsukaze, you’re going to want to get perfect S ranks in the Chamber of Trials, Chamber of Riches, and Chamber of Agility survival modes.

Chamber of Trials is simply a test of how many enemies you can defeat in five minutes. Get over 2,000 kills and the S rank is yours.

Chamber of Riches has you getting gold within the time limit. You’re going to have to beat the gold bearers before getting the really good gold counts from enemies. Get over 10,000 gold and you’ll be set.

Chamber of Agility will make you go through a map and reach an escape route, while timing you. You’re going to have to beat Standard Bearers quickly in order to open gates and make it to the end.

Get S ranks on all three, and the fastest horse in the game is yours. What do you think of Matsukaze in Samurai Warriors 4-II? What are your high scores in the challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

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