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PS4 Exclusive WiLD Has Bloodborne Inspired Multiplayer


PS4 Exclusive WiLD Has Bloodborne Inspired Multiplayer

Will you help your friends or ruin their game?

At Sony’s Paris Games Week, Michel Ancel and Wild Sheep Studio showed off WiLD, an open-world game that allows players to control or possess animals, or even summon giant creatures with magic. Players won’t be able to take over the land uncontested, because WiLD will have a multiplayer mode that’s reminiscent of Bloodborne or Dark Souls.

In a presentation with Kotaku UK, designer Michel Ancel confirmed a multiplayer mode where players can seamlessly drop into your game. The game isn’t explicitly co-operative, so it’s possible that a person can join your game just to ruin your day.

You know in games like Bloodborne? The multiplayer system there is very interesting and exciting. People can help you, or they can hurt you. And other players will try to mimic the AI, to appear undetected. In this game, any animal could be dangerous, because it could be another player in there. Someone could approach you as a frog, then jump into a more dangerous animal.

It will be possible to lock the game in single-player mode if you want to explore the world for yourself. In a world filled with dangerous animals and giant monster summons, multiplayer in WiLD could completely change the context of the game. Calling in friends to help complete missions can turn into animal stampedes, or a struggle to fight off enemies and player-controlled predators at the same time.

How would you help or hinder other players using the animals in WiLD? Let us know in the comments below.

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