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Payday 2 Black Market Update Brings On the Microtransactions


Payday 2 Black Market Update Brings On the Microtransactions

Payday 2 wants more money than you got out of that safe.

Once upon a time, Overkill made quite the effort to ensure that microtransactions would never find their way into the game. The game was about fun and unlocking things through teamwork and lots of bullets. Fans rejoiced as they found out they were playing one of the few games not trying to grab more of their cash after already purchasing the game.

Fast forward to this week and those same fans are no longer rejoicing. The developers have decided to add microtransactions to Payday 2 as part of the Black Market Update. Players will be able to purchase safes that include weapon skins that can boost your stats, drills for use in heists, and other items.

What really seems to be grinding the fanbase’s gears (on top of the microtransactions) is that players can trade and sell these items on the Steam Marketplace. Most would argue that microtransactions that are just cosmetic aren’t really a big deal, but the moment stats are sold, everything changes.

Fans have even taken to the game’s Steam page to leave negative reviews in the wake of this announcement.  Only time will tell how Overkill chooses to respond to these events.

How do you feel about the sudden inclusion of microtransactions after the developers repeatedly promised it wouldn’t happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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